Direct Imaging (MiHPT)

What is MiHPT?
Allstar Drilling and Probing - MiHPT System

The Membrane Interface Probe (MIP), along with the Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT), are known as Direct Image Logging Tools that detect VOCs in soil and water while also measuring the permeability of a formation.

We use a Geoprobe Direct Push Machine to slowly drive the MiHPT Probe into the ground while a closed system of nitrogen carrier lines bring the VOCs back up to the machine detectors, from the probe head, to log.

The MIP system uses a gas chromatograph containing a PID, FID and XSD to log levels of contamination, as well as measuring the electrostatic conductivity in the soil.

The HPT system uses a constant stream of potable water to measure permeability and water level and help determine geologic formations based on back pressure and flow rates.

This equipment is highly sensitive and can detect very small traces of VOCs and non-aqueous phase fuel hydrocarbons in soils.

What Can MiHPT Do For You?

Allstar Drilling and Probing - MIP Tool String Diagram

Allstar's MiHPT System

Allstar's MiHPT System includes off-road capabilities, "real time" data, log printouts, top-of-the-line 3D imaging, 2D PowerPoint presentation, and a climate controlled vehicle.

Direct Image Logging Tools (MiHPT) technology includes Membrance Interface Probe (MIP), Hydrolic Profiling Tool (HPT), and Optical Image Profiler (OIP). It uses Advanced MIP Technology for VOC Detection, and is used in HPT Permeability and Hydrostratigraphic Studies and detection of non-aqueous phase fuel hydrocarbons in soil. It's used together with advanced computer visualization technology and real-time assessment and characterization studies. This technology will allow you to find your source area and help you understand what you're dealing with in a less intrusive way, while receiving many side benefits.

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Allstar Drilling and Probing - MiHPT Detectors

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