Geoprobe Services

Allstar Drilling Geoprobe Services specializes in, but is not limited to, tight access applications. Our Geoprobe Division offers truck mounted geoprobes, track mounted geoprobes, and a wide variety of portable equipment that can be used for chemical injections capable of pumping at large volumes and high pressures. Our geoprobe units are set up to turn hollow stem augers for the installation of environmental monitoring wells. Our probes are also set up for modified air rotary method for the installation of wells in consolidated formations. These probes can also handle geotechnical soil borings with split spoon sampling method.

Our Soil Sampling tooling includes:
  • Large Bore System
  • MC-5 System
  • Standard Macro Core System
  • Dual Tube Sampling Systems
    (1" to 3" diameter cores)

Our Soil Vapor Sampling systems include:

  • Post Run Tubing Systems (PRT)
  • Vacuum/Volume System
  • Stainless Steel Vapor Points

Our Ground Water tooling includes:
  • SP-16 Ground Water System
  • SP-22 Ground Water Sampler
  • Prepack Wells
  • PVC Temp Wells
  • Inflatable Packers

Our Ground Water Sampling methods include:

  • Low Flow/Bladder Pumps
  • Teflon Lined Concentric Tubing
  • Disposable Bailers
  • Check Ball/Tubing
  • Conventional Pumping

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